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Animal Care at Richmond College


SkillsOne visits the Animal Care facility at Richmond College and talks with the (previous) head teacher, Stephen McGill, and students of the course about the different courses and career opportunities.

Animal Care at Richmond College: read more

Equine at TAFE


Interested in becoming an expert in horses?

SkillsOne visits Richmond College in Western Sydney which offers courses in Equine Studies. We talk to students and teachers to get their perspective on the various courses offered at their state-of-the-art facility.

Equine at TAFE: read more

Roof Tiling at Nirimba College


What opportunities are out there for students who complete a course in roof tiling? Rudy Meuwissen, Head Teacher of Building Finishes at Nirimba College, tells us about the variety and flexibility of work available, catering for those with different skills and different needs.

Roof Tiling at Nirimba College: read more

Architectural Engineering at Nirimba

Architectural Design

What opportunities are there for students who complete a course in architectural technology? SkillsOne finds out what's involved when they visit Nirimba College. SkillsOne chats to John Tannous, the Computer Aided Design (CAD) teacher at the college, where we find out just what's involved in the CAD and the course! SkillsOne also chats to some of the students to find out why they enjoy the course.

Architectural Engineering at Nirimba: read more

Carpenters at Nirimba College


Ian shares with SkillsOne about what's involved in the carpentry course at Nirimba College. He chats about the skills from creating materials such as trusses, cupboards, and stairs. We also chat to Luke Connor, a carpentry apprentice, with his view of the strengths of the course

Carpenters at Nirimba College: read more

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