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Financial Assistance

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Concessions and Exemptions

Financial Assistance to Study

Financial assistance may be available through Centrelink for students studying full-time and part-time. For information go to the Department of Human Services website or ask a Centrelink Customer Service Officer. For information about Youth Allowance, Austudy payment or the Pensioner Education Supplement call 13 2490; for information about ABSTUDY, call 13 2317.


Students who live or work in NSW and who receive one or more eligible Commonwealth benefits or allowances at the time of their enrolment may be eligible to pay the Smart and Skilled concession fee for their qualification rather than the relevant Smart and Skilled Student fee.

Smart and Skilled concession fees are available for Certificate I to Certificate IV qualifications, and are not available for Diploma or Advanced Diploma qualifications.

If you are eligible for a Smart and Skilled concession fee and aged between 15 years and 30 years, you may also be eligible to receive the Smart and Skilled Fee-Free Scholarship.

Eligible benefits include:

  • Age Pension
  • Austudy
  • Carer Payment
  • Disability Support Pension (second or subsequent course enrolment per year)
  • Exceptional Circumstances Relief Payment
  • Family Tax Benefit Part A (maximum rate)
  • Farm Household Allowance
  • Newstart Allowance

Concessions: read more


Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are exempt from paying the Smart and Skilled Student Fee if they live or work in NSW. To complete your enrolment you will need to fill out the TAFE NSW Exemption Application form.



If you live in an area that borders NSW you may be eligible for a government subsidised training place. For more information on border areas please contact the Aboriginal Education and Training Unit (TAFE Digital) on 1300 888 010. To complete your enrolment you will also need to fill out the TAFE NSW - Access to government subsidised training - Non-resident ATSI - NSW border postcodes form.

Students with a Disability

Students who live or work in NSW and who receive a disability support pension and students with a disability (clients of a Teacher/Consultant for students with a disability or a specialist professional) are exempt from paying the Smart and Skilled student fee.

Students who are the current dependent child, spouse or partner of a recipient of a Disability Support Pension are exempt from paying the Smart and Skilled student fee.

Where you are in receipt of a disability support pension, a check of your CRN will be made with Centrelink to validate your eligibility for a fee exemption. The consent and authorisation for validating your CRN with Centrelink is given when accepting the conditions of your enrolment.

To complete your enrolment, you may need to fill in the TAFE NSW Fee Exemption application form. Contact or go to your chosen college. Your eligibility for a fee exemption is determined at time of enrolment.

Fee Waiver

Students who hold a humanitarian visa, a bridging visa (BVA,BVB,BVC,BVD,BVE) who have applied for a humanitarian visa, temporary humanitarian stay visa or temporary humanitarian concern visa, and are commencing in NSW government subsidised training, at Certificate I to Certificate IV level, on or after 1 January 2017 will be eligible to have their Student Fee waived. To read on additional information visit Temporary Visa holder page.

Student Travel Concessions

The NSW Government provides subsidised or concession travel to a range of people. As a TAFE NSW student you may be entitled to concession or free travel on public or private transport (conditions apply).

Find out details on full eligibility and how to give your consent to your tertiary institution to share your details with Transport for NSW here

Long distance travel concessions for apprentices and trainees

The Vocational Training Assistance Scheme (VTAS) provides concessions to come apprentices and trainees to attend training.

VTAS may be available to apprentices and trainees who:

  • Live in NSW
  • Travel more than 120km (round trip) to attend off-the-job training.

Contact an Industry Training Service Centre on 13 28 11 for more information.

OTEN students

Full-time OTEN students studying a secondary school course may be eligible for a concession card.

For more information call 1300 362 346 or visit the OTEN website.

International students

International students are not entitled to travel concessions. International students may access MyMulti discounted tickets. Visit International student travel discount on the Transport for NSW website for more information.

Contact by Training Services NSW
If your course has been funded by Training Services NSW under Smart and Skilled, you may be contacted by a Training Services NSW representative to discuss your experience at Western Sydney Institute.